Minister of Foreign Affairs discourages Belize Territorial Volunteers from another border visit

The Belize Territorial Volunteers are planning another trek for the week after Easter but Government’s concerns remain the same: errors in determining where the border is to be cleared and possible exposure to Guatemalan forces among others. The Minister of Foreign Affairs  says that while he understands the patriotism behind the act, that does not make it any more safe or less dangerous for its participants.

Wilfred Elrington – Minister of Foreign Affairs:
vlcsnap-2013-03-15-21h02m05s78I could understand people being nationalistic, want to show how nationalistic they are, but I think that is a dangerous way of showing your nationalism. Dangerous for yourself as well as for the nation, and to that extent, we advise against it.   

CEO Alexis Rosado says that so far the BTV have kept well away from the border and he advises that if that changes they could attract trouble.

Alexis Rosado – CEO:
vlcsnap-2013-03-15-21h02m23s2My understanding of what they are doing is not that they are actually going there and clearing the land.  My understanding is that it’s a nice symbolic jesture that they are making.  They’re making sure that they are keeping a distance from the actual border line.  Once they keep within Belize territory, I think it’s some thing, as the Minister said, it’s a show of patriotic nationalist sentiment.  Nothing is wrong with that, but if, as the Minister said, if you go and actually try to do what they initially said they going to do, it’s a different thing, ’cause you have to tread across the other side.  

The force has been divided into three groups to work in the Orange Walk, Cayo and Toledo Districts.

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