Minister of Foreign Affairs sees no need for Guats to apologize

On Friday, we told you about the drama that occurred outside the National Assembly Building with protestors and the drama that occurred inside the National Assembly Building with Area Representative Julius Espat.  Those stories dominated the news but there were other topics of interest on Friday, and one of those was Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington’s statements about Guatemala which he made outside the house following the meeting. Now as we have reported, the OAS commissioned investigation has shown that BDF did not act unprofessionally in the shooting death of the Guatemalan minor. Prime Minister Barrow had indicated in a previous interview that an apology would probably be in order from Guatemala to Belize. However, the Belizean Foreign Minister does not seem to think it is necessary for Guatemala to apologize and it would seem that the FM may fear that demanding an apology may very well cause further strained relationships.

Wilfred Elrington, Belize, Minister of Foreign Affairs;

Tension rise and tension falls, the important thing is to learn to manage it and not to do anything to enflame passion. That’s the last thing we need to do, so while we must be insistent on protecting our sovereignty and our territorial integrity last thing we want to do is inflame passions. When we have all the noise we must make sure we’re not part of the noise.

Reporter: But shouldn’t an apology be forthcoming?

Reporter: The Prime Minister has asked for an apology.

Wilfred Elrington, Belize, Minister of Foreign Affairs;

Yeah, but the Prime Minister has his own view and that’s the beauty of democracy. We all have our own views and even in the cabinet we have our own views so that’s the Prime Ministers view.

Reporter: From a Foreign Affairs prospective wouldn’t one be deserved?

Wilfred Elrington, Belize, Minister of Foreign Affairs;

From a Foreign Affairs prospective the important thing is that we remain cordial with the Guatemalans. Dealing with them in a way where we will be able to act in a friendlier way towards them, we need to have a win win situation. We can’t afford to have a controversial contesting relation.

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