Minister of Health comments on stolen vehicles ; saddened

A fourth vehicle was recently reported stolen from the Ministry of Health, and specifically from its own offices in the East Block of the National Assembly.  A white Toyota Hilux was taken over the St. George’s Caye Day holiday, after being parked on September 9.

It is a worry for the Ministry, and Minister of Health Pablo Marin commented on it on Monday.

vlcsnap-2014-09-16-07h00m09s249Pablo Marin – Minister of Health

“It is sad to say but if you can notice, all of these vehicles that have been stolen are based in Belmopan.  There is some kind of group attacking, or trying to do mischief, or selling these kinds of vehicles.  Right now, [where the security guard booth is], were going to put some cameras.  We’re trying to see if we can get GPS in our vehicles, because we don’t know exactly who it is. 

We’ve left everything in the hands of the Police. That’s about it.”

But the Police do not have much to work with, as according to the Minister there are no security cameras in the area, and therefore no footage of what happened.

Pablo Marin

“Immediately we called the Police. [It’s a] bad thing we don’t have any cameras to show you the kind of vehicle.  But definitely you can get the model, and you can find out exactly what kind of vehicle.

Maybe the Ministry was a little bit slow in talking to the media, but yes, we did respond to the police.


“Sir, do you believe that someone in the Ministry is working along with these human persons who are thiefing these vehicles?”

Pablo Marin

“I really don’t know.  You notice they stole also the Mayor of Belmopan’s vehicle, and one from Agriculture.  So it’s not only the Ministry of Health.”

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