Minister of National Security Concerned about Foreign Snooping on Belize

Hon. John Saldivar, Pro Tem Chairman 2013Cyber keyboardThe Minister of National Security, Hon. John Saldivar is tasked with protecting Belize’s internal secrets from foreign snooping.   But with the recent revelations about high-level monitoring of public officials in many countries, some wonder if Belize isn’t also being monitored.  Confirmation appeared to come with the news from whistle-blower Mrs. Alverine Burgess that she was played a tape of a conversation between herself and Minister of State Edmund Castro while being interrogated by U.S. officials.  The Minister first stated Belize’s position on alleged espionage by the U.S.

Hon. John Saldivar- Minister of National Security

“Absolutely not, and if it is occurring, we will be saddened to know that that has occurred, but no, we are not aware of such occurring”

vlcsnap-2013-11-13-07h21m57s32However, Hon. Saldivar appears skeptical, because of the nature of Mrs. Burgess’ allegations. So, what happens next?  Well, Belmopan is officially disapproving, but only meanwhile more information pops out before making a move.

vlcsnap-2013-11-15-11h29m06s221Hon. John Saldivar:  “Certainly we would be hearing if there is a response from the U. S. embassy on this matter, since the allegation has been made against them.   But like I said 

Reporter:  “But you will not be seeking response”.

Hon. John Saldivar:  “At this point, no”.

Flag of Belize PictureReporter:  “Is it something that concerns you in your conduct if they are monitoring your phone calls?”

Hon. John Saldivar:  “I think all I am saying at this point is that the source that has made the accusations is not credible, but certainly, if it to be confirmed that such is happening, it would be regrettable”.

pair of watching eyes

picture of ear We caught up CEO in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Alexis Rosado this afternoon in Belmopan, where he too expressed his disbelief and concern on the possibility that America may be spying on the country, which is a practice, he says, not even the Belizean Government is authorized enter into.

How did Ambassador Alexis Rosado- CEO in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Respond

 “It would not be surprising that the Americans are listening to people.   We know that they have been listened to heads of governments and leaders from all around the world through the NSA, leakages and so forth, but in respect of Belize, vlcsnap-2013-11-15-11h16m51s13I am not aware that they are doing any such thing, and should we get additional information to that respect, we would have to find from them, how and why they are doing such things.   Such things are not allowed in this country.   They would need special permit in any case.   Not even the government, that I understand, can do it.   So, I would be surprised if they are actually doing it.   I can’t say if I have listened to or heard whatever coverage was on the news, but yeah, it’s something we should follow up, should there be anything about it”.

Pair of Walking EyesThis situation continues to mount, yet, the Ambassador notes that the Foreign Affairs Ministry has not yet been contacted by the US Government on this recent matter, nor has his ministry gotten involved.

 Ambassador Alexis Rosado:   “Well, you are referring to a whistle blower…I don’t know there is such a thing.   I have heard about allegations, but I don’t know to what extent that would meet the definition of a whistle blower.   So far, we have not been involved; we have not been dealing with the matter…nothing to do with Immigration.

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