Minister Mark King makes apology for incident

Earlier we told you about Cabinet’s press release in which Prime Minister Dean Barrow suspended Hon Mark King for 3 months from his duty as Minister of State. vlcsnap-2013-02-05-19h07m10s187Late this evening the Minister sent out a release saying, and we quote, “My fellow Belizeans, by now you would have learnt through the media that I was involved in an incident while socializing at the Princess Hotel & Casino in Corozal, which resulted in a breach of the peace and the imposition of charges against me by the Police. While I make no admission of wrong-doing and will take all necessary steps to be properly represented at the trial of those charges, I want you all to know that I am very sorry and deeply regret that this incident occurred.”  The release ends by saying “I apologize to you, the Belizean people, members of my constituency and to all my Cabinet colleagues for this unfortunate incident.” King’s release gave no description on what happened in the wee hours of  Monday February 5th, 2013 on the Northern Border at the Princess Casino.

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