Minister of State Mena; Sworn in two days after election

On Wednesday Frank Papa Mena was voted in by the people of Dangriga, Sarawee and Hope Creek as their new area representative and two days after his election,  he is now the Minister of State in the Ministry of National Security. The Governor General’s House was flooded by a sea of red shirts this morning as some 2 to 3 hundred of Mena’s supporters made the journey to Belmopan to bear witness to the Minister of State’s Oath at the official swearing in Ceremony earlier today.


Hon. Frank Mena, Minister of State, National Security“I, Frank Mena, do swear that I will bear true faith and allegiance to Belize and would uphold the constitution and the law and that I will conscientiously, impartially, and to the best of my ability discharge my duties as a member, as a Minister of State and do right to all manner of people without fear or favor, affection or emotion so help me God.”


Hon. Frank Mena – “I know how proud they are of me. It’s their son, it’s a brother and I have taken that oath this morning and it’s from my heart. I will defend and represent my people. We deserve it and I will fight ‘til the last day to ensure that the expectations, as the campaigners said, we need to have this conversation, we need to see how all of us work this out and I consider myself to be blessed that the people have shown that faith, they have shown that belief.”


Mena explained some of the things that he will be focusing on as the new Minister of State in the Ministry of National Security. vlcsnap-2015-07-13-10h32m40s91


Hon. Frank Mena – “One of the things that I discussed with the Minister yesterday Hon. Saldivar, we spent some time yesterday morning just briefing – the relationship with police and community has to be improved and while there are great work that has been done on that, we need to develop that level of trust and it has to be a working relationship and not us and them. There are a number of initiatives going on, but I mentioned to him how much attention and interest we would have to do to ensure that there is a great relationship to maximize the ability and resources, and I am talking about the human resources within the department. And you know, he’s the head of it, my suggestions will be tabled and we’ll discuss it and see the best way to chart forward. But primarily, while I’m at that ministry, I want to stand firm on the position of the area representative first because we need the attention, we need the time and we need to uplift Dangriga, Sarawee, and Hope Creek.”


As for experience in this field of security, Mena says he has none but that he is in it for the learning experience. vlcsnap-2015-07-13-10h32m49s181


Hon. Frank Mena“It’s a learning process and I am willing to learn. I don’t come with any pre-conceived thing. I am not into that. I am humble and I am ready to learn. I will learn from everybody. I come into this and my people expect me to defend, but at the same time they know it’s a learning process. I know it’s a learning process and I am humble by it – I am ready to learn everything to ensure that we put the best foot forward.”


And as Hon. Frank Papa Mena received the last congratulations from his crowd of supporters, the UDP entourage made its way out of the Governor General’s House dancing and singing to that Garifuna beat.


The Hon. Patrick Faber was the only sitting representative present at the ceremony earlier today.

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