Minister of Tourism Speaks about Puerto Azul Project

vlcsnap-2014-06-03-18h10m32s35vlcsnap-2014-06-13-18h00m40s206vlcsnap-2014-06-13-18h01m21s173In the latter part of May, Minister of Tourism, Manuel Heredia Jr. and Minister of Economic Development Erwin Contreras were photographed at Cannes Film Festival in France.

There they attended an exclusive party hosted by the Italian investors of the Puerto Azul Project, which, according to international media, signaled the launch of the project, though the project had not even reached the stage for environmental impact assessment to be conducted.

In his press conference, the Prime Minister addressed the matter, saying that, while much has been said about the two vlcsnap-2014-06-13-18h01m04s250Minister’s attendance at the party, it is in no way an illegal act and that the two Ministers, in the end, will not have the final say on whether the project get’s green lighted or not.

Today, we heard from Minister Heredia himself, who explained to us that if the project, when assessed by the environmentalists, proves detrimental to the delicate ecosystem found in Puerto Azul, he would be the first one to oppose it.

vlcsnap-2014-06-13-17h59m44s218Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr.- Minister of Tourism

“What I can tell you is that this particular Minister of Tourism, whatever the case, I love the environment, I love the reef more than you  or anyone ah unu.  That was my living; that was part of my life.  Whatever comes that will damage that reef, I will be the first one to oppose”.

Reporter: ” I am saying and I want to be clear: when the vote comes, where will you stand?  Will you say, “bway, I deh with it or will you look at the evidence somewhere else?”

vlcsnap-2014-06-13-17h53m26s59Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr.-:  “Look, when it comes, we will look at the evidence.  If I see that is something that will be harmful, then, what is my job?  To make sure that if it will harm , I will oppose it.  If it is in the good interest of the country and the Belizean people, then, I will support it, because let me put in on the record: there is nothing in life that cannot be done.  If you plan it well and if you consult, and you execute it right, things can be done.  But I love the environment, I believe in conservation; I believe in sustainable development”.

The proposal has since been submitted to the Department of the Environment for an Environmental Impact Assessment to be conducted.


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