Minister says Insurance at UB is a good deal

The Minister of Education in an interview with our colleagues at Channel 5 said that he does have a concern with the way the mandatory insurance policy payment was announced to the students that they must pay or risk non completion of registration. But  overall, he says the cost of the insurance and the coverage is in fact a good deal for the students despite it having been announced to them only weeks before the start of the school year.

Hon. Patrick Faber –  Minister of Educationvlcsnap-2015-08-03-10h03m45s174

“I think that if the University wants to implement such a thing that due notice should be given. I don’t believe in springing costs on students. In fact while I know that education is expensive I believe that ample time should be given. This is how we operate certainly in the Ministry of Education, and if proper notice…whatever that proper notice may be according to the University rules and so on…if proper notice was not given then I join the students in appealing to the University to stay the execution of that decision or to find some way to allow those who are willing to be a part of it at this time to do so, and those who may not be, to not do so, but I suspect that what’s happening is that to get the best package deal, everybody should be on board. Forty five dollars an academic year is a very small amount to pay for that kind of insurance and it may well be in the best interests of the students themselves to participate so that that can be offered at such a low cost.”

The insurance agent being used for UB’s Black Jaguars Accident Protection Policy is the Insurance Corporation of Belize (ICB)

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