Ministers’ Fraternizing with Potential Investors; Questionable but not Illegal

vlcsnap-2014-05-06-18h06m25s49Ministers receiving gifts from potential investors in Belize, or trips to exotic parties in Cannes France to meet with potential investors is not illegal in Belize.

While much has been said about the fact that two of Belize’s ministers were seen fraternizing at the Cannes Film Festival with  investors who want to build the Puerto Azul Development on Northern 2 Caye, Prime Minister Barrow today said that there is nothing wrong with that.

He said while he conceded there is a an argument, these things just need to be looked at on a case by case basis, and these two ministers, Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. and Hon. Erwin Contreras, won’t have the final say when it comes to approving or disapproving  the Puerto Azul project and so their attending the “Puerto Azul party” was in no way illegal.

vlcsnap-2014-05-16-06h46m44s184When it comes to Ministers using their position of influence to edge in on a contract, such as the allegation made against Hon. Mark King with his Brink Security company and the Norwegian Cruise line, the PM says that there is nothing wrong with that because King was not trying to land a government contract, but a private outfit, and not from the angle that ” because he is a minister, so he better gets the job”.

The Prime minster said that King has the right as any other Belizean to bid for the job. And while the Prime Minister approved those statements made by King to the media regarding his security company, he also nodded to King’s statements regarding the modus of operandi of “ Udp first, Belizeans second and PUP last”.

The Prime minister says while he wishes King had not made those statements, he was just being honest.

He also said that while that practice of political affiliates first are as old as the hills and may be reality, it is not the official policy of his government.

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