Ministry of Health announced recall of Benefiber Powders

vlcsnap-2013-05-29-19h16m30s37The Ministry of Health today announced the voluntary recall of the nutritional supplement Benefiber Powders. The recall is for specific batches and is related to a relatively high number of complaints by consumers; these include a lack of odor, lack of flavor, bad dissolution and the presence of particles among others. The US-based manufacturing facility of this product has extended the recall to Belize simply as a cautionary action. According to the Ministry, the  company  has  emphasized that there  has been  no  evidence of  any adverse  effects or  complaints relating to  the  use of this product.   Belizean consumers, who wish to take action on this voluntary recall warning, are asked to either destroy or return the unused portion of the product to the local store from which it was bought. You can find a table description detailing specifics of the recall batches at the Ministry of Health’s website at

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