Ministry of Health Holds Meeting with Drug Suppliers

vlcsnap-2014-05-07-19h02m26s96vlcsnap-2014-05-07-18h22m29s65Recently we have reported that Danini Contreras, Director of Drug Inspectorate, has been recommended, along with three others, to authorize pharmaceuticals coming into the country, following a rumor that the Chief Pharmacist was on strike.

Now we must take this time to remind our viewers that the controversial post of the Director of Drug Inspectorate has, for some time, been up for discussion with the Ministry of Public Service, and as far as our sources can say, the Ministry of Public Service has not come to a final decision in that regard.

CEO in the Ministry of Health Peter Allen has gone on record to say that though Miss Danini Contreras and the three others have been recommended to authorize pharmaceuticals, there signatures had not, at the time, been presented to the customs department, which would officially authorize them to sign imported drugs.

vlcsnap-2014-05-07-19h02m29s126The news today is that drug or pharmaceutical suppliers had a private meeting today with the Ministry of Health in the Capital.

Not much is known of what was discussed in the meeting however, though we waited outside two of the front doors, the representatives for the different suppliers came out through a third door, located at the backmost part of the building.

We approached them for comment however, but none would speak to us and got into their vlcsnap-2014-05-07-19h03m43s95vehicles. We were told nothing except that a draft of some sort is being prepared.

However, we must acknowledge, that if the Ministry proceeds with authorizing the signatures of these three people, one of whom is the daughter of Minister Erwin Contreras, Area Representative for Cayo West, then these suppliers would have to adhere to the Chief Pharmacist in addition to the three other people authorized to approve imported drugs.

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