Ministry Of Health To Improve Security After Four Vehicles Are Stolen

Four Government issued vehicles have been snuck out right from under the nose of the Ministry of Health in the past two years. Only a few weeks ago, we reported that a white 2008 Toyota Hilux was stolen from the Western Regional compound, and during this week, the fourth was robbed.

Apparently the driver parked the vehicle at the Ministry of Health Parking lot in Belmopan around 9 o’ clock on Tuesday night, and when he returned the following morning, it was gone.

But with these extraordinary set of circumstances it is a wonder why the Ministry has not beefed up its security. On Thursday the CEO, through a text message, expressed his frustration, and said that they have implored the Ministry of Finance to improve their security system by adding camera, GPS systems and other such devices.

vlcsnap-2014-09-13-07h53m34s223Well the CEO did not get security cameras or a GPS system, but he did get an old security booth that had been previously stationed at the back of the parking lot of the Ministry of Health.

The set of 11 Hilux vehicles were donated to the Government by the European Union and placed under the care of the Ministry of Health in July of this year. Out of that set, two have gone missing so far. It is not clear if the Ministry of Health has or has not implored the assistance of the Vehicle Care Unit, a government organization, located at Cardinal Avenue, Belmopan, and operating under the Ministry of Finance. The office is tasked with all matters concerning Government issued vehicles, including licensing, registration and all around care.

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