Ministry of Labour hosts second annual Open Day

Labour Day is celebrated May 1st worldwide, and in conjunction with Labour Day, the Ministry of Labour will be hosting its second annual open day. PlusNews caught up with the Persons Relations Officer of the Labour Department, Genee Neal, who shared with us the importance of having the open day.

Genee Neal – PR Officer, Ministry of Labour:
vlcsnap-2013-04-29-19h47m59s48On May First is our Labour Day, and a lot of people do not know the reason we celebrate Labour Day.  So our Ministry decided to do an Open Day.  It started last year, and so we decided to continue on and make it an event that we will be celebrating every year, so that the public and other people can get an idea what we celebrate Labour day for, and what Labour is really about, Labour Department especially, and what do we do here at the Labour Department.

Besides booths displaying information on labour legislations, work permits, liquor licensing and rural water and sanitation, Neal says that the public can except a fun filled day of activities for persons of all ages.

Genee Neal – PR Officer, Ministry of Labour:
We have invited all the schools.  We have invited Public Officers, the general public, in essence, to come out.  If they have questions, if they have concerns, they can come.  Our Labour Officers will be out there.  Employment Officers will be out there.  Our Work Permit Clerk will be outside.  We’ll have everybody there, so that we can entertain them.  We can answer their questions.  We’ll have prizes.  We’ll have give-aways.  We’ll have question and answer segments.  We will even have a suggestion box if the public have anything they would like to suggest to us.  So they can feel free to come out and come and enjoy a day of fun-filled activities, as well as to gather information about our department.

The open day kicks off at 8am to 5pm at all ten offices countrywide. In Belmopan, the open day will be held at 6/8 Trinity Blvd.

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