Ministry of Natural Resources Mediates on the Valley of Peace Farmers Issue

vlcsnap-2014-06-17-22h18m00s189We’ve heard from both sides of the ongoing dispute between the Valley of Peace Farmers Association and Green Tropics Limited. Today the Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture, who has since been acting as a mediator between the two parties, sent out a press release to update on the ongoing negotiations.

According to the release, on Thursday June 12th, a meeting was held between the Ministry and the two parties in an effort to bring the parties back to the “negotiating table”.

Three points of mutual agreement were identified and three outstanding issues also identified. Those at the meeting agreed to a site visit on Monday June 16th, however due to the condition of the roads they were not able to reach the site.

So, instead, a meeting was held to discuss the way forward. According to the Ministry of Natural Resources, all negotiators were present for the site visit except the President of the Valley of Peace Farmers Association.

However, at the meeting, the Vice Chairman for the Valley of Peace Farmers Association informed them that they will no longer negotiate and that the matter, according to the press release, will be further addressed by their attorney.

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