Ministry of Rural Development hands over mowers to communities

The Sen. Hon. Godwin Hulse, Minister of Rural Development, held a Handing Over Ceremony today at the NEMO Warehouse in the City of Belmopan. The ceremony was to officially hand over five riding mowers, $10,000.00 worth of PVC pipes, fittings, submersible pump and motor and electrical materials.

vlcsnap-2015-09-17-21h34m01s244Hon. Godwin Hulse: The whole idea of the Ministry is to help support the villages with their requests for these types of things. As I said, it is difficult to maintain the principal areas in these villages they’re growing with just a machete and a rake.  These riding mowers will go a long way and all we do is to urge the recipients to maintain them properly and to handle them with care so that they can last them a reasonable time. In terms of the villages that got pumps and pipes, again, clearly, we have a millenium development goal which we are trying to achieve by the end of 2015, which is the end of this year, and that is water for all. So, where villages are concern that require any issues with water, we actually jump to that matter very urgently.

vlcsnap-2015-09-17-21h09m05s255Hon. Edmund Castro: This is the handing over ceremony for riding mowers for Maskall and the Old Road receiving a riding mow. We also receiving a riding mower for the Belize River Valley area whereby the village chairman personnel and so on will be in charge of the mow for the entire  nine villages for the Belize River Valley area and in Maskall we will take care of the 8 or 9 villages along the Old Northern Highway with the driving mows.

Hon. Godwin Hulse: The Chairpersons in these villages, take charge please. Make sure that as long as you are there it, is under your care, under your management, under your maintenance, and be tough. Because there is no point in sending it into village B. and its left there  running out of oil, something broken off, .somebody come and pilfer something. That helps nobody…  that is all we ask in giving these things out. That people take care of them and that you can see the enhancement.

The total value of the donations was BZ$40,000.00. Government says that the equipment will allow the Councils and Boards of the communities receiving them to maintain the public areas and to supply water to rural residence.

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