Ministry to work on issues of air traffic controllers

The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation held its own press conference shortly after that interview with Ray Davis, and their main message was a return to normal activity, beginning on Tuesday, and a willingness to work with their staff at the Airport on issues known to be long-standing and sensitive.

According to Director of Civil Aviation for the Ministry Lindsay Garbutt, the workers say they had nothing to do with the COLA weekend release.


vlcsnap-2015-02-25-08h14m45s243Lindsay Garbut – Director of Civil Aviation

“The controllers stated categorically that they had nothing to do with the press release sent out by COLA, and that that press release was erroneous and not factual.

Secondly, they said very clearly that the decision not to come to work on Saturday was based on genuinely being sick. The coincident of all of them being sick at the same time and that it had nothing to do with anything that the department and the ministry is or is not doing.

While they do recognise, as we do, that there are several ongoing issues that we are working through, that we’ve  been working through for the last two and a half years since I have been here.  There are some genuine issues that need to be addressed.  Even as we speak, we’re going about addressing them.

That is what they wanted us to say on their behalf.”


Lindsay Garbutt, who has been working in this department for two years, readily admitted that the shortage of staff is crippling to operations, and indicated that hiring is ongoing for a job that is technical and more of a career than anything else. But on the issue of equipment he was more reserved, indicating that machines have problems from time to time, but nothing that would hurt operations.

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