Minor, 17, Charged for Attempted Murder of Tajah Staine

PLUS News has learned that a seventeen year old minor has been arrested and charged in connection with the attempted murder of his cousin Tajah Staine.

vlcsnap-2014-01-03-18h44m28s75Staine was shot seven times, in the chest, left shoulder and left leg. As we reported yesterday, the 19 year old was heading home from a nearby store, when the first bullet hit her. She tried to run for help, but collapsed right outside her home. That’s when the gunman reportedly approached her and fired several more shots at Staine, her mother watching the entire incident play out from her window, not knowing the victim was her daughter.

The alleged shooter was identified by more than one person who witnessed the attack.  Because belize central prisonof his age he was arraigned, not at the Magistrate’s Court, but at the Family Court on Bishop Street where minors charged with a crime are customarily taken.  He cannot be identified due to legal reasons but we can say that he was remanded to the Youth Facility at the Central Prison until his next court appearance.

Staine was shot on Gladden Street, off LaCroix Boulevard, on New Year’s Eve, allegedly because of issues with a gang member in the area.  She has been stabilized at the hospital.

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