Minor in sodomy case to be guarded by State

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The Department of Human Services is intervening in the case of the 11 year old boy who accuses his 16 year old older brother of anally assaulting him in his sleep last Friday. While Police investigations continue, the Department, after speaking with the boy’s family, is taking charge of his care. We spoke to CEO in the Ministry of Human Development Judith Alpuche this afternoon for details. vlcsnap-2016-08-18-14h01m32s167

Judith Alpuche, CEO Ministry of Human Development;

Today we went in for a care order for that child, he finished up his official statements to the police. Talking to the family about how we can really ensure protection for this child and bringing in, actually we found that we have to bring the child into state care to ensure that he’s fully protected. It’s always a very difficult situation for families, so we have to look at it from the place of the child that is our role. To look at what is in the best interest of the child so it is from that place that decisions are made.

Charges are expected to be filed now that the minor has spoken to police. We asked the CEO how the recent Section 53 decision will impact such cases for minors – here’s what she said:

Judith Alpuche, CEO Ministry of Human Development;

We’re handling this like any other child abuse case, you do have to take into consideration that there are two minors indeed but our primary role as Department of Human Services right now is to look at what is in the best interest of the victim, and that is the role that we’re playing.

The Prime Minister made mention of the case during the press conference and insisted that the law has not changed in relation to minors.

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