Minor injuries reported in Hummingbird Highway traffic accident

Yesterday we told you about a traffic accident that happened on the Hummingbird Highway in front of Gallardo’s Hardware store. The accident involved a BBOC passenger bus and a private vehicle, a white vlcsnap-2015-09-03-18h37m19s914 vlcsnap-2015-09-03-18h37m40s353Mitsubishi Montero. According to the bus driver, Tyrone Gillett , he was driving the bus with 52 passengers on board headed to Belize City when the Mitsubishi swerved in front of the bus without putting on any indicator light. Applying evasive action, the driver swerved the bus and crossed over the highway and crashed into a nearby lamppost, but not before hitting the Montero and pushing it of the road. Two of the passengers on the bus were injured while the driver of the white Mitsubushi Montero , Eugune Mira, complained of chest pains. The driver of the bus also received a cut wound over his left eyebrow.  Police , traffic personnel and the Ambulance arrived promptly on the scene where the injured parties were taken to the Western Regional Hospital for treatment. All injuries are said to have been minor ones.  Police have not indicated if any charges have been pressed as yet.

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