Miss Belmopan is Miss Teen Belize

18-year-old Kiah Lisani Pastor is the new Miss Teen Belize. Pastor was crowned the new Miss Teen Belize on Saturday, May 27 in San Pedro where the pageant took place. Pastor spoke to Plusnews and gave an overview of the pageantvlcsnap-2017-05-31-20h03m50s446

Kiah Pastor, Miss Teen Belize 2017: We basically did an introduction dance where we put on a little show and introduced ourselves to the audience. Then we had the costume segment where we depicted an animal based on the theme, “The Natural Essence of Mother Nature” and I depicted the Blue Morpho Butterfly, and thank you to Roberto, he did such an amazing job on my costume, it had big beautiful blue wings and everything. Then we moved onto the swimsuit segment, and we just modelled around, showed the crowd how confident we are in our own skin, in our swimsuits; that was my favourite part of the competition. It was just like a very fun time to just model adn show your personality. We then moved onto the evening gown section and then the question and answer which was very nerve wracking but I still enjoyed it.vlcsnap-2017-05-31-20h03m42s375

Pastor said that she had started to prepare for the pageant in March and recalls that it was a lot of hard work which in the end paid off.  She now has to prepare for the upcoming Miss Teen Earth, scheduled to take place in September in Ecuador

Kiah Pastor, Miss Teen Belize 2017: I think the process to prepare for Ecuador will be similar as preparing for the Miss Teen Belize pageant, but it will be a lot more, definitely in terms of fund raising and coming up with the money to even go there and actually getting myself on that international level. That will take a lot of work but I am willing and I believe that I have the right team behind me so it’s really just up to me to just execute.

Pastor says that it has been a dream come true and further encourages other young people to also reach for their dreamsvlcsnap-2017-05-31-20h16m54s234

Kiah Pastor, Miss Teen Belize 2017: When I was younger my cousin went up for the Miss Belize Pageant. Seeing her on stage really inspired me to do exactly what she was doing because just seeing her prepare and then watching her go out on the stage and doing a phenomenal job; it was something I wanted as well. I wanted to be a representative for our country, I wanted to be a beauty ambassador. The fact that I was even a contestant was an accomplishment for me and to actually win, well I’m so overjoyed. I’d encourage everyone to don’t allow doubt, don’t allow fear to take over your body, don’t allow it to take over your mind. You need to stay true to you and if it’s something you want then you need to go for it and it won’t come easy.


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