Missing brother and sister located

vlcsnap-2013-08-02-08h46m08s207Two weeks ago a brother and a sister, 8 year old Fanny Romero and 7 year old Jairo Romero, reportedly went missing. Dread overcame the family and nightmares of the fate that may have befallen the two children were ever present in their thoughts. However, the relentless efforts of Felix Romero, the children’s father, were not in vain. At last all the speculations of kidnapping were laid to rest.  Romero travelled to Honduras when he got word that his children were there and he finally got to see them yesterday morning. He reported back from Copan, Honduras that his children are doing fine and were found in good health. According to Romero, his children were with their grandfather, Juan Jovel, who was going back to Honduras to live. The two children followed their grandfather who apparently was on a strict schedule to go home to Honduras and did not have time to bring the children back by the time he realized they had followed him. According to reports, when Felix Romero asked his children why they followed their grandfather, they simply stated they were bored. The family says they are simply happy that the children are safe.

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