Missing Lemonal man found dead in shallow grave

vlcsnap-2014-08-26-07h41m40s15327 year old Denvo Banner, a resident of Lemonal Village, Belize District, was last seen on Saturday August 9th at a party in Lemonal, after which he said he was heading to Guinea grass Village in Orange Walk District. However he never reached his destination.

The family became uneasy  at his sudden disappearance and began to call family members. That is when they realized that no one had seen had heard from him since then.

On Saturday August 23rd the body of Denvo Banner was dug up from a shallow grave, a few feet from St. Luke’s Methodist Primary School in the village of Lemonal. Inspector Fredric Gordon, Officer Commanding Ladyville police station told us more

vlcsnap-2014-08-26-07h50m06s76Inspector Frederick Gordon Sr. – Officer Commanding Ladyville Police

“He was found about 2:30 pm on Saturday the 23rd.  He was found about six hundred feet behind the old Centre in Lemonal.

I understand the facial part of him was mostly decomposed. The body had already started to decompose. 

After the post-mortem was conducted, the doctor confirmed that it appears to have two bullet wounds to the head.

Arlene Banner, the sister of Denvo Banner, told the media on Sunday, that it took the family 14 days to realize that something was wrong, and explained how it is that they found the body this past Saturday

vlcsnap-2014-08-26-07h53m13s44Arlene Banner – Sister of Deceased

“We didn’t know what to do, where he was, or what had happened to him for fourteen days.  It took us between the sixth and the seventh day to realize that something was wrong.  Then we started to contact family members more often, and realized that we hadn’t got any response from anybody, and that’s when we decided we were going to do a search up in the village. 

We started the search on Saturday.  We made appointments with all the brothers and sisters, to do it Saturday that want.  That’s when we got up, and we left for the destination to Lenonal village, and do our search. 

vlcsnap-2014-08-26-07h41m35s107That’s where we met the Police, coming from out of Lemonal.  They went back with us, and that’s when we saw it.  We did a thorough search back there.  It was at the last moment  of coming back out of the Pine Ridge areas, when we decided to search one more area.  That’s when we found him.”

While the word on the street is that his death may have been a retaliation for a murder that happened years ago, Arlene Banner tells us she will always remember him for his quiet and jovial personality.

vlcsnap-2014-08-26-07h57m25s114Arlene Banner

“He would always say, ‘Linz, how are you today, my sis? Do you want a drink along with me?’  That’s the way we will remember him.  He was a very jovial person. 

If  he did anything wrong out there to anybody, we never saw it, ’cause he no show us that.  He never show us that.  He’s a plane, quiet person, very quiet. 

Cricket was his passion.  Every weekend he’ll make sure that he is well prepared for that cricket game in his white uniform.”

Police have since upgraded the investigation to a murder and say they are already looking for some people of interest.

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