Missing man found dead at Mile 8

Police have confirmed the recovery of the body of 27 year old Denfield Bowen, Jr., also known as “LL”,of Plues Street in Belize City. Bowen, a father of four, had last been seen on Thursday, April 30th around 5:20pm and both police and members of his family believed that he had been killed as a result of a deep internal rift within the George Street Gang which started after Mark Medina was killed. On May 4th 2015, police and members of the George Street Gang were looking for him in the area behind Jane Usher Boulevard which is where it was believed his body was thrown. Police say the body was found around 3:25 in the afternoon on an old feeder road in an advanced state of decomposition. Also recovered was his red two-door 1994 Mazda B400 pickup truck. An immediate postmortem examination was unable to determine the cause of death. Police investigations continue.

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