Missing man found dead in hotel room

vlcsnap-2013-08-16-07h19m04s147Timothy Callanan has been found dead. On Wednesday, we reported that his family had reported Mr Callanan missing. Timothy Callanan was last seen Tuesday morning, sometime around 11am, leaving a law firm on Church Street in Belize City. He had a number of appointments that day and never made it to any and did not contact his family about his whereabouts. Yesterday evening, police were called to a room at Golden Tree Hotel on Coney Drive in Belize City where they saw the dead body of 43 year old Timothy James Callanan. Mr Callanan, a  naturalized Belizean businessman  of San Pedro Town, was found on the bed in a sitting position. He was leaning forward with his hands in front of his face. According to police reports, Callanan arrived at the hotel at 12 pm on Tuesday afternoon and checked in for an overnight. By 4 pm the following day, Wednesday, the receptionist for the hotel  noticed that the  room was still occupied by Mr. Callanan so she decided to make checks. When she  opened the room she discovered the body in the position mentioned. Police say various suicidal notes were found at the scene.

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