Missing man found dead in Ladyville

vlcsnap-2013-07-04-18h59m53s33Police in Ladyville reported the discovery of a man’s body this morning around 7:30. The body was found near Mile 8 on the Philip Goldson Highway with apparent gunshot wounds. The man has since been  identified as 20 year old Alvin Flores who was reported missing by his mother Desiree Flores on Monday. She told us that several persons she spoke with told her Alvin, aka “Vinnie,” was dead and it was confirmed today. She told us that her son had told her before his death that people were threatening to kill him, but she says she told him not to worry.

Desiree Flores – Mother of Alvin Flores:
vlcsnap-2013-07-04-19h00m12s220My son and I were very close and he tells me everything.  We always talk and I try to give him the best advice I could.  I tell my son no fear no man, fear God.  I always try to tell my son what is the right thing to do.  He told me that somebody wanted to kill him.
Last week Wednesday, I went to visit him, and we had a good, good talk.  As usual I advised him. He said, “Ma, Those boys want to kill me. They said they want to kill me.”  I said, “You pray.”

Desiree Flores, on identifying the body, noticed that his tongue hung out and his eyes bulged, as if he had been tortured before his death. She believes he was killed closer to today. Police Inspector in charge of Ladyville and Belize Rural, Christopher Noble, says Police are investigating their leads.

Christopher Noble – Police Inspector:
vlcsnap-2013-07-04-19h00m26s107Sometime after 7am this morning, the Police responded to a call of a body in the vicinity of the mile 8 area. We came out.  We found the body of a male person in a decomposed state.  At present we’re looking into what may have caused his death, and who may be responsible. Our investigation into this matter has been for a couple of days now.  So it is only ongoing.
[He was reported missing] a couple [of days ago] by the mother.
[The cause of death] would be for the forensic person whenever he’s done dealing with the autopsy today, to determine [that].
My observations are that the body is decomposed, so the observations are  minimal.

Information to PLUS News is that another person from Belize City has been reported missing. Inspector Noble says this too is being investigated but said there is nothing linking that disappearance with Flores’ murder.

Christopher Noble – Police Inspector:
As a missing person, we’re looking into the possibility of his whereabouts, and as it relates to him. we’re hoping for the best. Not to have it conclude in this manner.
We cannot be presuming  [that these two individuals were together]. The matter is for the investigation to reveal.

The Inspector also commented on the rising murder rate in the area, saying it does not follow that gang warfare that was choking the City is moving to rural areas.

Christopher Noble – Police Inspector:
vlcsnap-2013-07-04-19h00m48s96At this stage the investigation is still young.  We’re looking into all angles of his disappearance, and the whereabouts during which time nobody knew where he was. 
We did speak to people.  We have persons of interest we’re looking for that would assist in our investigation at this stage.
The entire area [of Ladyville] is known to have persons from the city residing out here.  To say that they’re gang related, they may reside in an area that has conflict and comes out to the area.  We do see that there is more Police presence in the city, and it may be one of the reasons for them to reside in areas where they’re less prone to get into problems.

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