Missing man’s body found

Benque Viejo Police are trying to determine the circumstances surrounding the death of 29 year old naturalized Belizean Alexander Cardinez Abduz. Abduz, a resident of Calla Creek Village, Cayo District, was reported missing sometime around 10 pm on Monday  June 8th. According to his common law wife, Alexander Abduz left home about 9 am on Sunday June 7th and crossed the mopan river in the company of two others enroute to Melchor De Mencos. 29 year old Abduz was not seen again until his lifeless body was discovered floating in the river this morning. Officer Commanding Benque Viejo Police Station Superintendent Daniel Arzu told us more.

Superintendent  Daniel Arzu –  Officer Commanding Benque Viejo Police Stationvlcsnap-2015-06-10-11h04m56s199

“On the 9th of June, this morning, sometime around 10:30 am, we received information of a body floating within the banks of the Mopan River just at the entrance of Benque Viejo Town. As a result, we visited that location and indeed observed a body floating. The body was identified to us by a relative… positively identified to be that of Alexander Porilla Abzun, 29 years – naturalized Belizean of Call Creek Village in the Cayo District.”

Emanuel Pech – Plus TV Reporter

“Is there any foul play suspected at this time?”

Superintendent  Daniel Arzu

“Having viewed the body, there was no sighs of physical violence…any bruises or anything to suggest that there had been any violence. The body was retrieved from the river and carried to a location for the purpose of a post mortem examination which will be conducted today.”

Preliminary police inspections did not reveal any signs of foul play, however the results of the post mortem show that he died from asphyxia consistent with drowning.

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