Missing park rangers found safe and sound

As we reported yesterday,   43 year old Luis Ramirez and 21 year old Elroy Villanueva were found safe and sound after being missing in the Caracol archaeological Reserve since Monday evening. An intense search was conducted by the BDF and members of the Police Special Patrol Unit when sometime around  1:30 Wednesday afternoon, the rangers were found at approx 2.5 km North West of Caracol and 4 km from the border line. The men were badly dehydrated but otherwise fine. They were transported to San Ignacio community hospital for medical checkup and then released to their families. The men informed the media that they had gone to look for a vegetable to cook their meal with when they took a wrong turn. Due to the rain, they took shelter and then somehow lost their way. The men say at night they made a make shift thatch that they slept under and managed to stay safe from animals or Guatemalans, two concerns that they had.  The men say they are grateful to the search teams for finding them.

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