Missing persons from Toledo

A 16 year old boy has been reported missing by his father. On Sunday February 8, 53-year-old Pedro Ical, a Belizean farmer of Jalacte Village, Toledo District, reported that on Wednesday February 4, he was at home with his son 16-year-old  Juan Ical. At about 6:30 that evening, they went to sleep and when he awoke the following day Juan Ical  was nowhere to be seen. Since then Juan Ical has not returned home nor has his parents seen or heard from him.

He is of Mayan decent, about 5’8″ in height slim built with a low haircut.

Police investigations continue.


Also a husband has also been reported missing in the Toledo district.

On Monday February 9, 47-year-old Josefina Caal, a Guatemalan domestic of San Vicente village, Toledo, reported that on February 7, her husband, 51-year-old Santiago Caal, a Guatemalan farmer of San Vicente Village, left their home and headed to his farm located 1 1/2 hours walk east of the village.

Two days later and he had still not returned home.

Police investigations continue.

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