Missing Roaring Creek Man Found Headless and Limbless

This weekend another victim was added to the growing list of persons killed in 2015 in the community of Roaring Creek. We warn you that the images may be too graphic for sensitive viewers.  The victim this time is 28 year old Edilberto Madrid, also known as DUDES, of “Another World” area Roaring Creek Village. This latest murder is by far the most gruesome we have seen in a long time as the body of the deceased was completely dismembered. Sunday May 24th was the last time anyone saw Madrid after he left his common law wife at a grocery store in Roaring Creek, never to return home again. Family and friends organized a search team yesterday and began to comb the waters of the river. At 11:00 am today the search team found the dismembered body of Edilberto Madrid floating in the river near the Agripino Cawich bridge in the Banana Bank Area. His head had been decapitated, his hands and feet had been cut off, and his body had been cut opened and gutted. But who would want to kill 28 year old Madrid in such a gruesome fashion, that is what family members are asking themselves and what investigators are trying to determine. Police are not revealing any information so far as the investigation into the gruesome killing is very young. However, sources tell Plus News that 28 year old Edilberto Madrid is known in the community as a close associate of Russell Hyde, whose common law wife was killed last week Monday when someone shot at Hyde’s vehicle while he and his family were driving past the Guanacaste Park junction enroute to Roaring Creek. Due to the state of decomposition of Madrid’s body, authorities had to conduct an onsite postmortem. However, up to 5 o clock this evening, family members and friends were still waiting for the conclusion of the postmortem to receive the body to be buried immediately. This is the third murder in the community for the month of May.vlcsnap-2015-05-27-09h43m29s196 vlcsnap-2015-05-27-09h43m18s68

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