Missing Taxi Man Found Dead Inside his Vat

vlcsnap-2014-02-18-19h18m43s58This morning, Belize City police and Scenes of Crime returned to a house on Guerrero Street for the unpleasant business of retrieving a dead body found inside a vat.

The family of missing taxi operator, 61-year-old Lester “Tin Man” Rowland, is hoping it is not him, but police say it is.

Mr. Rowland was last seen by his mother on February 14, and on Monday afternoon the family was told that his vehicle was found bogged down on Krooman Road, behind Fabers Road. They positively identified the vehicle as his but Rowland was not in it.

vlcsnap-2014-02-18-19h18m20s84After making a formal missing person report to police, they went to his house to begin the search and found the body inside the metal vat around 5:30 Monday evening.

The officers had to secure the area overnight after being unable to retrieve the body.

Today, the deceased’s brother, Mr. Steven Rowland, before confirmation of the identity of the body, told us that if it is his brother inside, that was no way to die.

vlcsnap-2014-02-18-19h09m36s0Mr. Steven Rowland- Brother of the Deceased

“It is very appalling, very saddened and very despicable to know that in his own house and in his own yard, this could have happened to him and be placed in a vat”.

Reporter:  “Do you know of anyone who may have, or any reason that would pose threat to your brother’s life?”

Mr. Steven Rowland:  “Definitely, I know of no one because I seldom visit come around this area.  He would always be the one to come and visit me, so I seldom come around here”.

The married father of three kept to himself and had no known enemies or disagreements.

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