Money sent to UNIBAM through OCEANA

vlcsnap-2013-07-23-08h32m14s69Audrey Matura Shepherd has let the cat out of the bag regarding money wiring to UNIBAM. In Sunday’s Amandala, Audrey in her colum “The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword,” disclosed that monetary donation from an unnamed foundation have been sent to the organization through OCEANA, written on an OCEANA cheque. She writes “The very OCEANA they seek to tell the LGBT not to support, was the means via which the said foundation siphoned their money to them. How ironic, that after such a favor was done via OCEANA, they should still seek to write some vile things on OCEANA’s Facebook page.” You may recall that in May of this year, OCEANA came under fire after Matura, Vice President of OCEANA Belize penned her personal view on the current gay rights push in Belize. Some in the LGBT community and their supporters were outraged at Matura’s contribution, even though she was merely expressing her own position on the matter and not OCEANA’s. And so it became not only a backlash on Matura, but of OCEANA as well. But back to her article, regarding the money transfer, she adds “Maybe I should publish a copy of the cheque to prove further truth to the matter. Now they should go make queries to determine why their foundation-approved money had to be channeled through another recipient of a grant.” Matura closes her column in saying “I cannot see OCEANA again allowing itself to be used to facilitate such a process again, since the beneficiary of their kindness clearly is not deserving of OCEANA’s risk to facilitate money for a mission not legally sanctioned under OCEANA’s statutory and legal mandate.” We contacted Matura today for an interview today, but she is currently on a retreat.

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