Monima is no longer Northern Regional Health Manager

We have told you about the new Northern Regional Health Manager Audibaldo Monima , a former coast guard, who is accused of being grossly under qualified for the post bestowed upon him by the Ministry of Health.  On Wednesday, the PUP’s Northern Caucus issued a press release on the issue saying

His appointment not only defies the Public Service regulations but…. every qualified Belizean who has…the specialized skills to fill this position…It is unbelievable that the very qualified managers in the Ministry of Health will acquiesce to an irresponsible and evidently political appointment of this sort putting at risk the very health status of an entire region of the country.”vlcsnap-2016-06-17-08h55m15s975

The PUP Northern Caucus  said in that release that it was calling on the Minister of Health to immediately rescind Monima’s appointment. Well, the news today is that Monima is no longer the Northern Regional Health ManagerIt was confirmed this afternoon that Audibaldo Monima has resigned following strong public outcry. We understand that the Ministry of Health gave Monima the option to resign or be termintaed.

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