More arrests  in Abou-Nehra home invasion; three accused get bail

We have been reporting on the police investigation into the home invasion in Burrell Boom, which involved Belize’s honorary consul to vlcsnap-3477-01-21-21h16m15s949Lebanon, 77 year old Sarkis Abou Nehra. The caretaker of the residence told police that between 8:00 pm last Thursday night and 3:00 a.m. Friday morning he and his spouse were held up at gunpoint by eight individuals and his spouse was reportedly sexually assaulted before the group made off with their bounty in a silver Mercedes Benz with consular license plates which was later found abandoned in Belize City on Saint Joseph Street.  The caretaker was savagely beaten, and his wife was raped during the hours that the men had them subdued so that they could clean out the place. Since then Police have arrested and charged John Grinage, Jerson Grinage, Sheldon Grinage, Brandon Baptist, Randolph Coleman and Tyrone Meighen  jointly for the Crime of Aggravated Burglary, Conspiracy to commit Aggravated Burglary, Conspiracy to commit Rape, Handling stolen goods and Theft. Separately Tyrone Meighen was arrested and charged for the crime of “Rape”. Kemira Cacho, Crystal Augustine and Ashanti Roaches, all three females were arrested and charged for the crime of “Handling Stolen Goods”. Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster, Officer Commanding Eastern Division Rural, today relayed that additional arrests have been made in the case.


Edward Broaster, Senior Superintendent: We just want to update the public and the media on the progress of the investigation as it pertains to the aggravated burglary in Burrel Boom. Since we last met we made a number of arrests which was resulted from some searches that were conducted in the Belize City Area. We executed searches on Number 88 Cemetery Road. We executed search warrants on the premises at Number 119 Police St. in Belize City. We also executed searches on umber 8272 Jones St. We executed searches on 8089 Miller St. as well as 8279 Miller Street. We executed a search at the corner of Central American Boulevard and Jane Usher and we also vlcsnap-9064-06-02-03h14m23s563executed search at Number 391 May Flower Crescent, Lake Garden’s Area in the Ladyville Area. As a result of those searches, we have charged Jerry Buller, 20 years, for abetment to commit aggravated burglary. We’ve also charged Mark Pitts, 18 years, for handling stolen goods and we’ve also charged Paul Gex for handling Stolen Goods. Now, yesterday late we had some other developments where we recovered some more stolen items that were stolen from the premises. And other charges will be laid on some other individuals sometime during the day today. Nevertheless we have recovered an assortment of liquor; we recovered 2 rings that were identified by the counselor’s wife, a necklace. We recovered the DVR that was stolen from the premises. It is in good shape. It is assisting us tremendously. It has the footage of the burglary when it was transpired. As a matter of fact the burglars though that they stole the connected DVR, and then realized it was not the DVR they had in their possession and then went back and disconnected the DVR and they stole it. Nevertheless we recovered it, it is in good shape. We have already taken the evidence off it, we retrieved the footage off it. We also recovered a 46 inch flat screen television. Like I said, we will be having more charges on more individuals as it pertains to this investigation.

According to Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster, none of the six firearms that were stolen has been recovered. Meanwhile, three of 9 persons who were remanded into custody on Monday in connection with a case of aggravated burglary at the residence of Honorary Consul to Lebanon Sarkis Abou Nehra, were released on bail today after their application for bail was heard in the Supreme Court. They are 23 year old Randolph Coleman, 19 year old Ashanti Roches and 23 year old Crystal Augustine. Justice Herbert Lord, who heard the applications, offered Coleman a bail of $10,000. The bail was offered on the condition that Coleman hand in his travel documents to the court before he meets bail, that he does not interfere with the complainants or any of the prosecution witnesses and that he attends court on each and every vlcsnap-7912-06-22-10h40m57s453adjournment until the matter is completed. Coleman’s charges are aggravated burglary, conspiracy to commit aggravated burglary, theft and handling stolen goods. Roches and Augustine, who were charged with handling stolen goods, were offered bail of $3,000 on the condition that they report to Queen Street Police Station every Friday until the matter has concluded. Coleman was represented by attorney Alifa Elrington Hyde. Augustine was represented by attorney Anthony Sylvestre and Roches was represented by attorney Leo Bradley. Crown Counsel Rene Montero represented the Crown.

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