More BDF presence in Otoxa, Toledo

When thee media caught  up with P.M. Barrow today, he was asked to comment on the request made, by residents of the Otoxa community, for more BDF presence in order to clear areas where Guatemalan encroachment is taking place. According to P.M. Barrow, a meeting was held with Ministry of National Security where it was agreed that consistent BDF presence will be made available in the community. 

Hon. Dean Oliver Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize: The BDF has been out there and in fact more regular patrols in those areas were discussed at the National Security Council level and agreed. And I think in terms of structures that are already in the area that need to be dismantled, it’s just a matter of getting the OAS to complete the verification process and that will be done. But with respect to trying to prevent this from happening all over again, increased BDF patrols will be a standing feature going forward. 

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