More charges expected for Mexican ATM thieves

The three Mexicans who have been charged for theft  from Atlantic bank ATMs across the country may be facing additional charges shortly. On January 22nd,  Belen Hernandez, Lionel Rodriguez, and Joscan Jafet were all charged with theft after they were accused of fraudulently withdrawing at least one hundred thousand dollars from Atlantic Bank Branches throughout the country. They were each charged with one count of theft for a total of one thousand one hundred dollars. However, the total amount stolen using international debit cards is said to be well over a hundred thousand dollars. Police told us yesterday, that Atlantic Bank continues to find more instances of theft by the trio as they review their records and cameras.

Police say that Belizean authorities checked with Mexican counterparts to see if the three Mexicans were wanted for any crime in that country, but so far, they are not known to have any criminal history in Mexico.

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