More charges for ATM thieves

After almost five months on remand for an alleged ATM theft in the Orange Walk and Corozal Districts, three Mexicans from the Cancun area remain on remand without bail after they were read additional charges of theft, including as many as 29 counts.   This morning, the trio was read their additional charges of theft. These new charges are in reference to ATM thefts at two other ATM’s including the Atlantic Bank ATM in the Ladyville area and the one located on Albert Street in Belize City.   The first to be arraigned this morning was 21-year-old Joscan Jafet Uriostequi who was read three counts of theft.   The Mexican driver is accused of stealing the sums of $600 Belize, $100 Belize and $100.00 Belize, all to a total of $800 between the period of January 14 and 17. The second to be arraigned was 26-year-old Belen Isai Uriostequi, sister of Joscan. She was read 24 counts of theft totalling some ten thousand dollars. In the afternoon, 22-year-old Leonel Isaac Peralta Rodriguez was also slapped with 29 counts of theft totalling over twenty one thousand dollars. All three pleaded not guilty and were denied bail due to possible flight risk. They weree remanded to the Belize Central Prison until August 9, 2018.

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