More consultations scheduled on Government’s proposal to the major trade unions

Last night we told you that union members met in Belmopan at the UB Auditorium to discuss Government’s proposal to address the salary increase being demanded by the three major unions, BNTU, APSSM and PSU. As we said, there was not a vote taken at that meeting as to whether the unions will accept or reject the proposal. Rather, it was described as a consultation to help direct the leadership as to what steps should be taken in the continued negotiation process. But sources inside the meeting told us that the Government’s proposal to the major trade unions is not flying. Today, the media asked the Prime Minister Barrow for his comments on the matter.

DEAN BARROW – Prime Minister:
vlcsnap-2013-02-12-19h27m27s221I will wait for something official.  I don’t know about what you’re saying. So let me refrain from making any comment, until the Union leaders speak to me officially.

As we said, there are more consultations scheduled. This evening, one got on the way in Orange Walk at 5:30 pm and another is scheduled for Wednesday in Corozal.

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