More details emerge on fatal shooting of robbers

In last night’s newscast, we told you about a robbery that took a deadly turn for two robbers. The men – 21 year old Roni Garcia and his brother, 18 year old Jose Garcia, were shot and killed yesterday afternoon, during a shoot-out with police. This is after the men robbed Rose’s Restaurant and Store on the Benque Viejo vlcsnap-2013-03-12-20h47m18s245Road. According to the owner of the establishment, Ming Feng Chen, just a little after 1 o’clock, a masked man armed with a sawed off shot gun entered the store. He said the man ordered him to lie on the floor and demanded money. He did as he was instructed and the gunman then made his way toward an employee and took away her cell phone. Next, Chen said he saw a second masked man enter the store. He made his way to the counter and took money along with other items. The brothers then attempted to flee the scene. But they didn’t get too far, as police were alerted of the robbery and managed to set chase after the duo. When they caught up to them, they reportedly ordered the brothers to yield, but that was when one of them allegedly fired a shot at officers. Police returned fire, fatally wounding both men.

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