More dispute in the PUP over selection of a Belmopan candidate







Amin Hegar, the standard bearer for the People’s United Party (PUP), executed a u-turn on his endorsement of Patrick Andrews as his successor in the Belmopan division, saying his supporters encouraged him to run again. But after publicly endorsing Mr Andrews and pledging to the party his support for Patrick Andrews, his excuse that he saw division in the party does not wash with deputy leader Julius Espat, who expressed his displeasure on Wednesday.

Hon Julius Espat – PUP Deputy Leader:

vlcsnap-2013-08-23-08h20m04s79There’s no return.  When you make a statement to your Party Leader, and you tell your Party Leader and your Deputy Party Leader, that I will endorse [for example] , Jules Vasquez for this, and that is a commitment you made to us, you cannot change your mind again, because then you are being dishonest with the Leader of the Party, and you are being dishonest with yourself, and you are being dishonest to the people you are saying that you want to represent.  So there is no coming back when it comes to that.  We have to be serious. 

If you disrespect your Party Leader, I don’t see how [he can offer himself for a Convention].    

According to Mr Espat, Dr Hegar, if it were up to him, would not run for the party at all.

Hon Julius Espat – PUP Deputy Leader:

That is not my decision, but I believe that if you disrespect the Leader of a Party, and you’re being dishonest to him and yourself, then you are not worthy of putting your name on a ballot.

The Party Leader has given us clear instructions.  We are here on reform.  The motion is a part of that reform.  If we are serious about reform, we can’t be playing games.  You’re serious about it, or you’re not.  Yes, our politicians are painted as corrupt, and they’re painted as whatever you want, but that’s what we need to change.  So we can’t be complacent, and continue with the same concepts and expect that you will have change. You have to be real, and that is what we are following, but the final decision is not mine.  That is my personal opinion.

vlcsnap-2013-08-23-08h56m55s116vlcsnap-2013-08-23-08h44m53s106On Thursday, Julius Espat took to his Facebook page to further explain his position, reiterating that it was Dr. Hegar who came to the Hon. Francis Fonseca and him stating that he wanted to support Andrews. His proposal was accepted says Espat and it was made clear that this which was his decision “could not be reversed.” He continues “Dr. Hegar then promised to call a meeting of his people to encourage them to support Patrick. That was done. A second meeting was called between the supporters of the two camps, where the Doc. declared publicly his support for Patrick. A Joint press release was sent out with the approval of both parties… After that, only the Lord knows why the Doc retracted.” But that’s not where it ends, as Dr. Hegar responded on the post “I am not a dishonest politician as I was called by Julius moreover a Politician especially of the same party should never try to discredit his colleagues in public.  I respect my party leader and the will of the people.” There are now four persons vying for the Belmopan seat, including Dr Hegar, Patrick Andrews, Ruth Logan and one other. The winner will take on incumbent John Saldivar.

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