A Mexican new source has confirmed reports of another drug plane sighting in Northern Belize sometime last week Thursday. According to ‘Linea de Fuego Chetumal’, a Colombian drug plane flew at a very low height over the Rio Hondo River between the communities of Union and Revolution sometime around 6:30 p.m. on Thursday night and dropped off what appeared to be several packets off Cocaine into the river. The packages were reportedly collected by men who were travelling in at least three boats. After the plane relieved itself of the packages it reportedly landed in either Belizean territory or Mexican territory to refuel and return to its destination. ‘Linea De Fuego Chetumal’ reported  that authorities of the State of Quintana Roo, specifically elements of the Mexican Army, Mexican Navy and Federal police, implemented a security device to locate and secure the air unit after they were alerted that a plane was in their airspace. Highway check points were also set up by Mexican Officers to locate the vehicle that was allegedly carrying the drop. A similar incident occurred over the Rio Hondo River on Thursday 15th of March. The Belize Police Department and all other relevant authorities are yet to file a report on this recent drug plane siting.

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