More Heat Until Next Week!

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Fill up your water bottles and put on your sun block because it’s going to be another long week in the heat. While we are in the hot and dry season this past week has been notably hotter. This is expected to continue on until next week. But according to the National Meteorological Service though it may be true that the heat has been a little more intense these past few days, the readings are not recording breaking.

Ronald Gordon – Meteorologist vlcsnap-2015-04-24-10h03m26s70

“What happened is that, we have not had any record break here at the Met- service and the stations from which we collect data have also shown that there is no break in record.  In terms of how long it will last… indications are that we are going to have hot conditions lasting, at least, until midweek of next week. So, we expect dry hot weather to continue at least until that time.  I would just like to advise the  people in general that it is a very hot time and take precautions especially if you are working in the sun, drink enough water and if you can avoid being in the sun… try to do that.”


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