More job-seekers off to Canada

The response to job openings in Canada has been overwhelming. People in Belize City and Belmopan waited for hours during the course of hiring to get a job interview to work at McDonald’s in Western Canada. The three days of recruiting in both Cities saw more than eleven-hundred (1000) people showing up for interviews. Well Stacey Ramos of Belmopan, Albern Usher of  Punta Gorda and Monique Diaz are the first 3 to complete the process.  They will be heading out to Canada Tomorrow via Cancun. Since then  screening has progressed. Some 60 have completed the interview process. Of those, 30 are awaiting their Canadian work Permit visas; undergoing processing in Guatemala. The visa process is itself intensive; it takes about 3 months  and includes a medical examination by an approved medical officer. These 3 have received their Canadian visas and are off to work for 2 years in Canada. Plus news spoke with Stacey Ramos about her selection.

Stacey Ramos:
vlcsnap-2013-04-02-20h02m11s82The process was and easy process, just having a lot of patience, waiting on the documents.
The normal procedure that you would experience here in Belize, take an interview.  We did our first interview  with a bunch of young people.  The second interview, which was 20 of us, and from out of that 20 I was selected.

Applicants must make sure that they have a detailed curriculum vitae, have been gainfully employed in Belize, and have strong ties to Belize. Ramos tells us what she was selected to do in Canada.

Stacey Ramos:
We’re going to be working in Alberta, Canada.  The contract is for two years, renewable if desired.  We’ll be working in the food industry in Canada, dealing with customers, working at a fast food [restaurant].
For me, It’s the first time traveling abroad, first time away from family, first time experiencing a different country.   

Tomorrow, 25 applicants who passed the initial interviews will be coming back in to the company to do interviews with an employer. The interviews are conducted using SKYPE. During the month of April, Actyl Group will be returning to Belize for a third time and will particularly be looking for welders, heavy-duty mechanics, ironworkers, sheet metal workers, fabricators, machinists, geomembrane installers, commercial steel framers, flat roofers, small engine repair specialists, automotive technicians and plasterers. One employer also featured will be franchised McDonald’s Restaurants, which was recently named one of Canada’s Top 5 Best Employers for the ninth time.

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