More transparent process to be applied for hiring of new Regional Health Manager

Today, we got a chance to catch up with Dr. Angel Campos, Minister of State in the Ministry of Health and follow up with him on the resignation of Audibaldo Monima as the Regional Health manager for the North. The last time Dr. Campos spoke to the media on the issue, he said that he had not seen the file on how Monima was appointed to become the Regional health manager , but he promised he would look into it.  As you may be aware by now, Monima ws forced to resign following people pressure after it was revealed through the media he was grossly under qualified for the post. Today, Dr. Angel Campos was asked what process was taken for the removal of  Monima from the position.

Hon. Angel Campos, Minister of State in Ministry of Health

” I had a meeting with Mr. Monima and I did say I was going to look into the matter. I talked to CEO and we talked to Minister Marin. Mr. Monima was very keen in saying that he knows that he can do the job but he understands what the people were asking and he does not want vlcsnap-2016-06-24-15h00m02s035to cause any trouble. If he was the trouble he would have resigned and go pursue his Masters in Business Administration and then come back . I think he has been admitted to a university, University of Coimbra. He showed me his application and admittance letter and he decided to follow that.”

And so what now? What is being done in terms of filling that now vacant position of Northern Regional Health Manager? Dr. Campos explains.

Hon. Angel Campos, Minister of State in Ministry of Health

“Well I guess that we will make it public that we need somebody to fill in that post and we will probably do interviews. I was talking to the CEO and we will do a more transparent process.”

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