More works are planned for Belize Infrastructure Limited

The private company of BIL (Belize Infrastructure Limited) sparked much controversy earlier in the year, especial when the opposition leader, Hon. Francis Fonseca described it as “a vehicle for the Government of the day to hustle“. Nevertheless, the private company is moving forward full throttle. Works have already begun in the Civic Centre and more works are being planned in the near future, as the Prime Minister explained

Prime Minister Dean Barrow

vlcsnap-2013-09-24-07h58m49s58“B.I.L. will also oversee the spending of another $40M on community development and sporting facilities, one in each district town countrywide.   In this regard, the PETROCARIBE funds will be supplemented by GOB”s domestic borrowing as we seek to take advantage of excess liquidity and historically low interest rates.   The first of the municipal projects will be in San Ignacio-Santa Elena, to be followed by Benque Viejo del Carmen, and then Mr. Mayor, I believe you come third!   Depending on whether B.I.L. can handle, we would like to do two or three of the district towns simultaneously.   In other words, if B.I.L. has the capacity; GOB has the money!”

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