Mother and pregnant daughter shot in Belize City

The neighborhood of Dolphin and Gibnut Streets is about a block from the hot house that is the Banak Street area. And tonight, a prominent figure from that area is suspected to be involved in a late night gun attack on a family home on Dolphin Street, leaving a mother and her pregnant daughter gravely injured but miraculously alive. 41 year old Stephanie Smith and 18 year old Shenell Rolland were at home with other family when no less than four gunmen came at their house from either end of their yard, shooting at two youths sitting on the steps in the poorly lit yard. When they failed to catch their quarry, the gunmen turned on Smith, who was shot to the abdomen; while Rolland was hit to the abdomen and right leg. Smith is in critical but stable condition at hospital while Rolland is up and about. She spoke with us about their terrible ordeal.  Rolland tells us she doesn’t know why their home was targetedPolice say they have since detained 22-year-old Tyrone Meighan of Banak Street and three minors and are looking for two other persons pending investigationsvlcsnap-2016-01-13-19h22m53s786 vlcsnap-2016-01-13-19h22m57s312 vlcsnap-2016-01-13-19h23m01s853

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