Mother lodges complaint against hospital for misdiagnosis

A mother is lodging a complaint against the Western Regional Hospital after her 6 year old son received an awfully risky misdiagnosis. Andrea Rodriguez says that on Friday, she noticed that her son’s skin began to break out in rash and his face was becoming swollen. She initially thought it might have been an allergic reaction and took him to the Western Regional Hospital, where doctors there told her it was simply a viral infection that would go away on its own. But it didn’t and so days later she decided to take him to another hospital, and that’s when they got an alarming diagnosis.

Andrea Rodriguez:
vlcsnap-2013-03-28-19h33m03s75We took him to the Hospital, and they sent us over to the Clinic area. A doctor saw him and said that it was a viral infection that he had.  There was nothing we could do, just to send him home and it will pass on its own. [He] recommended Benadryl and Tylenol.  So he went home and the rash just started to spread, continue to spread all over his body.  So we just followed the doctors orders – it will pass in a dew days.
Sunday night he started to complain that the rash was really bothering him, and that he was having a bit of pain in his body.  So Monday we decided to get a second opinion, and we took him to see a doctor at the Saint Luke’s Medical center. As the doctor saw him, he said, “Your son has Measles.”  

Thankfully, baby Kaelen received the proper treatment and is on his way to recovery, but now Rodriguez says she has another dilemma on her hands. Due to the misdiagnosis, the child had been out playing with other kids. This is quite dangerous as Measles is a highly contagious disease. Rodriguez says she worries that her other children and other kids may have contracted the virus. What’s even worst, is that there’s no way to tell at the moment, as symptoms don’t arise until some two weeks after becoming exposed to the virus.

Andrea Rodriguez:
He said that it is highly contagious and we need to keep him away from the other kids. At this point I’m thinking about all the other kids that my son has been in contact with.
We went to watch the Bandfest parade. We went to a birthday party.  We went to church, We went swimming. I had my nephew and my nieces with me. My vehicle was full with kids that day, when he told us that it was measles and we had to keep him away from the other children.

She further expressed her displeasure with the Western Regional Hospital.

Andrea Rodriguez:
I’m very upset because I did a bit of research on line to find out more about measles, because I remember vaguely of measles as a child.  I found out that it’s very contagious, and it can be especially harmful for infants, and even people who got vaccinated, they still have a small chance of getting it.  My some got all of his vaccines.  I was very upset.  I want people to know what’s going on at the hospital.  This is not the first instance for us as a family.  We hesitate to take our children to the hospital, because every time we go there we get different diagnosis, and it doesn’t help at all.  Then we have to end up at a private doctor, and we get the right diagnosis, and then our child or children get better.  I’m very upset with them and I’m hoping that the right authorities will look onto this situation, because if a doctor at the hospital cannot diagnose measles, something that is highly contagious, I think something is wrong.  

Rodriguez has written a formal letter of complaint to the CEO of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Peter Allen. She informed late this evening that Dr. Allen has responded to her letter via email and he assures her that the matter will be addressed.

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