Mother of 5, Guilty of Drug Trafficking

vlcsnap-2014-04-09-19h42m37s106A mother of 5 children, the youngest only 1 year old, was today imposed a non-custodial sentence where she was slapped with the mandatory minimum fine of $10,000 for drug trafficking and must pay the court $5,000 now.  If in default of that payment, she will be escorted to the Belize Central Prison at the end of the day to serve the payment in jail term.

Her name is 35-year-old Roshawn Higgs. Police searched Higg’s King’s Park home yesterday after they found her standing in her yard acting suspiciously.

According to police, they saw a man standing under a tree in a yard and the officer approached him and a searched him but found nothing incriminating on him.

But that’s when the PC Garbutt saw 35-year-old Roshawn Higgs, standing by the door of a house in a yard.

She was acting suspiciously, so the officer searched her house where he found a barrel containing three plastic bags of cannabis weighing 150 grams.

In court this morning, Higgs pleaded guilty to possession and not guilty to drug trafficking. But she later changed her plea to guilty for drug trafficking.

Higgs was fined $10,000 but ordered to pay $5,000 immediately.  The balance of the payment she has to pay by February 28, 2014 in default 2 years.

By 12:00 this afternoon, Higgs was unable to pay the $5,000 fine and remains in police custody at the Queen Street Police Station.

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