Mother of four convicted for the tenth time

vlcsnap-2013-03-27-19h59m41s177A mother of four convicted for the tenth time for drug offences, begged the court for leniency at her sentencing yesterday. In court, thirty six year old Shinette Staine who has found guilty of drug trafficking, asked the magistrate not to send her to jail because even though she doesn’t have a steady job, she is still the sole breadwinner for her children, two of whom are in high school. She further admitted to having been a drug dealer, but said she hasn’t dealt drugs since being released from prison in 2006. The Magistrate took into consideration her plea and instead of imposing a custodial sentence, ordered Staine to pay $10,000. $500.00 of that money was ordered to shell out immediately, while the remaining must paid by January 13th of next year. But she is unable to do so, she will spend three years in jail. As we mentioned, this is Staine’s tenth drug related conviction and in this incident, Police say that when they went to her residence in April of last year, they saw her throw two black plastic bags through her window. When they searched the bags, they say it contained over a thousand grams of cannabis. Staine denies that allegation against her.

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