Mother of two shot to the head

A woman was shot and killed in Belize City last night sometime after 8 o’clock. 37 year old Marcia Downs was shot to the head near her home on Handy Side Street. A lone gun man, whom the victim may have known, pulled the trigger. Downs was rushed to the hospital but died about an hour later. Police told us more.

Wilfredo Ferrufino, CIB

 Investigations revealed so far that sometime around 9:20 MS .Downs was at their residence on handy side street when a male person was approaching her residents through an unnamed alley and she approached that individual and he fired two shots one of witch caught Ms. Downs and caused the fatal injury but it’s like I said the investigation is pretty young at this stage and we don’t have a motive at this time ,we are looking into some leads and as investigations goes on then we can confirm.


There are rumors that this latest murder may be as a result of a rivalry between majestic Alley and Victoria Street area. However, police say they have not determined motive as yet.

Wilfredo Ferrufino, CIB

 Whenever we have murders or shootings there are a lot of information that come in those  we take all into consideration and the investigations then confirms or disapprove those information but at this point we have nothing concrete to prove that it was gang related ,domestic issue or anything to that effect .We will wait until the investigation is concluded then we may give a motive.

Downs leaves behind 2 children.

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