Mothers demand justice for 5 year old victim of alleged sodomy

Contrary to reports made on Thursday September 18th of allegations that a child was sodomized inside a bathroom of Kush Lin Hah Primary School in Belmopan, we were later informed that the allegations were being made against St. Martin Government School, in the San Martin Area and not Kush Lin Hah, which is located in Maya Mopan.

We apologize for that mix up. We have since followed up on this story and have more details on these very serious allegations.

vlcsnap-2014-09-24-07h18m56s229An initial report was made to us late Thursday evening, where police confirmed that an official report was made to them; however they could neither confirm nor deny the veracity of the reports. On Tuesday about 12 angry mothers and sympathizers gathered in front of the gates of St. Martin Government School, demanding justice for the alleged 5 year old victim.

According to the Mother of the child, who made the complaint to police on Tuesday, when the incident allegedly occurred, a medical examiner confirmed that her child had indeed been penetrated. She recounts how she found out that her child had been sodomized.

Mother – Alleges Rape Of Her Son

[Paraphrased] “I came to pick up my son.  He had to change his uniform.  His underwear was messed up with blood.

I am really disappointed.  I feel like nobody cared.  Nobody did anything.  My son called the boy’s name from Wednesday.

The Principal did not try to communicate with the parents, did not try to communicate with the kid.

He called the name.  He called the aggressor.  I understand the aggressor is the same as his age, 5 years old.  If a kid do that, it’s because that kid is seeing the same thing that he did. 

The Police came today.  They saw the other child, didn’t see my child, and then they left.  They’re bad. They’re supposed to get help.

I really feel bad.”   

Some of the parents and friends of the victim’s mother also expressed their concern and said they are disappointed with the way the school is dealing with the situation

vlcsnap-2014-09-24-07h34m59s126Elmer – Sympathizer

[Paraphrased]  “Suppose we never came over here to support the mother of the child.  If we didn’t come, nothing would happen.  The Police may have never found out who did it. 

vlcsnap-2014-09-24-07h39m25s226Iris Guiterrez – Parent

[Paraphrased] “I live here in Salvapan.  My child is nine years old and he’s coming to school, but I didn’t bring him today to school because of what happened.  So we need to do something.

I talked to the Principal, and the Principal said that it didn’t happen here.  They don’t know if it happened outside.

Nobody is saying anything.  Everybody is quiet, the teachers, the principal, or those who work here at the school.  I don’t think that is fair, because they have children too. 

I told the majority of mothers, so they came today and we want to find out everything.”

According to the school, they are not hiding anything and are taking the allegations very seriously. The principal also affirmed that the school is doing everything within its power to address the situation.

But when the child identified one of his own peers, a five year old boy, in the same grade, it complicated matters even worse. To top it all off, some sources reveal that the child, the alleged victim, suffers from mental instability.

The school remains adamant, however, that if the incident did indeed happen inside the premises of the school, the school wardens would have heard something. The school bathrooms are located on the back most part of the school, but according to the principal of St. Martin’s Government school, a warden is always present around the bathroom area during school time.

The school has since made an official report to the Ministry of Education, and were expecting the general manager for Government Schools to visit the school and launch an investigation into the matter.

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